Trail Stops

The next time you find yourself riding in Marquette County and need of a break, the Endeavor Freedrom Riders have the perfect spot to stop, warm up and discuss your next ride. Located on Earl and Wilma Fredrick's property, the warming shed offers a perfect place. In 1983 Earl moved an old granary down to the trail for a warming shelter for all who came by. He rebuilt it in 2008 after its nine lives were up. It is is open 24/7 to all riders. The warming shed offers heat, trail maps located on the walls as well as available for a donation for easy trip planning, and an outdoor restroom. It is perfectly located where the Portage, Endeavor, and Briggsville trails all meet at junction of corridors of 13 & 15. The next time you find yourself riding in the area, be sure to take advantage of this warming shed!

Endeavor's Warming Shack

Warming Shelter location